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The app provides a wide range of functionalities including viewing gate codes, opening gates from the app (eg: with Noke), updating personal info, locating storage units on a map, adding extra users, making one-off payments, and setting up auto-billing.  This is all integrated with Sitelink.

Yes!  Customers can securely access their gate and unit codes within the app.  If your facility is equipped with Bluetooth technology like Noke (or equivalent) we can also open gates and units using the app directly.

Your version of StorApp will be integrated with your instance of Sitelink.  With this secure connection in place, the customer is empowered to update their personal information within the app’s ‘Account’ section. This will also sync to your Sitelink database, keeping all data up to date without your staff needing to do the update themselves.

Yes it is.  Your StorApp can have your location maps included in the app and directions presented to the customer to help them find the location of their unit.  It also can include directions to where to find lifts when their unit is on an upper floor of a multi-storey facility.

Within the app you can add additional users who will have access to the access codes for your storage unit.   This offers a much more secure way to share these codes and also enables the facility owner to change those codes and issue to all users with that code through the app, without needing to worry about someone not being able to get in when they next visit.

Through the integration with Sitelink payments are made through your existing payment gateways.   They can be done via credit card in the app and can also be scheduled to enable auto-payments for future amounts, reducing the need for a facility owner to chase customers who forget to pay.

A customer can opt to set up auto-billing within the app.  This option is presented to them in the payments section.

No – at present StorApp is exclusively available for customers who use Sitelink as their Storage Facility Management Software.

If you want to implement StorApp into your facility but don’t use Sitelink, get in touch and we will see what we can do to make it work for you.

With the app being on a customer’s phone it is secured by the same level of security that other information on their phone is.  This includes the biometric security of the phone itself (eg: fingerprint touch ID or face recognition).  In addition to this, we also require a user to know their specific username and password to access the app.

Once we have built your businesses specific version of the app it will be made available on both the Apple and Android app stores.

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