How StorApp Works

Introducing the first end to end,
self storage app.

storapp is easy for customers

Step by Step guide for customer installation

  1. Customer books their unit online, over the phone or in the facility
  2. They then download your version of StorApp from the Apple or Android App Stores
  3. Customer registers themselves in the app with their email address
  4. On login they are prompted to complete their ID verification (if you use this feature)
  5. They can now freely access their gate codes and unit codes as well as update their details and make payments in the app.
storapp is easy for storage businesses

StorApp Integrations

StorApp is built to seamlessly integrate with your storage management software and all major gate access providers.

When a customer makes an update to their account in StorApp it is updated in Sitelink in real time, meaning that there is no disconnect between the app and your system of record.   StorApp empowers customers and makes their experience in both manned and unmanned facilities much smoother.

Revolutionise your customer experience

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